Research & Development:

Research & Development department is committed to evaluate the feasibility for developing a product based on scientific and technological merits to ensure brand-consistent design which includes number of considerations such as stability of molecules, provision of proper facilities (from Lab Scale to Commercial Manufacturing), stability and availability of such dosage form in the known scientific literature and/or regulatory publications.

We have a vision to provide products of the highest quality to the people by developing and promoting continuous improvement through searching for best-in-class technologies and initiatives to comply with increasingly stringent regulations and customer’s expectations.

R&D Lab is well equipped with necessary equipment and instrumentations to develop most of the dosage forms including Tablet (Immediate / Controlled Release), Capsule, Dry Powder, Semisolid Preparations like Cream, Ointment, Gel, Jelly and Oral Liquid Formulations (Solution, Syrup and Suspension) as well as Sterile Preparations (Ophthalmic Solution, Suspension, Ointment, Large and Small Volume Parenterals and Powder Injectables).

Applying systematic approach for product development (QbD), Drug-Excipients compatibility studies, Analytical method development, Stability estimation of drug molecules by interpreting its chemical structure are conducted following current guidelines on product development of international regulatory bodies (ICH, WHO, FDA) & DRAP guidelines, finally scale-up studies from trial to pilot batches are performed for successful manufacturing of commercial batch through technology transfer.

Along with new product development, R&D Team also create and introduce new techniques that expedite or simplify the complex process to improve product performances.

R&D Laboratory works under qualified, experienced, trained, highly-skilled and dedicated team ensuring the growth of the technical "know-how" within the working group is shared and constantly increase to encourage creativity in R&D team.