The progress of a nation is directly related to the quality of the educational system in place and the ability of that specific system to produce visionary leaders who can direct a generation in pursuit.

Downfall of a nation begins when it shifts the emphasis and focus from education and development to other aspects of monetary gains. It is a collective responsibility of the people to ensure that the budding minds and the future generation is being groomed and tutored with highest level of education, so that they may play a comprehensive role in cultivating brighter prospects for the country.

The deteriorating educational systems and literacy rate in Pakistan is of grave concern for everyone. Hailing from a humble background of Toba Tek Singh, Dr M S Habib knew beforehand and was quite aware of the problems and issues pertaining to illiteracy that people belonging to a certain area would face. It was only inevitable that the man of his visionary caliber easily identified the gaps within the educational system and is leaving no stone unturned to return back to the society in the form of the most noble of gifts ever.

Hence, The Salim Habib Education Foundation (TSHEF) became a reality in 2007 with a mission to inculcate curiosity, creativity and confidence among the budding Pakistan, the future leaders! The core objectives of setting up TSHEF were to provide Quality Education and unmatched health facilities to the people of Pakistan. The intent is to establish educational and health institutes all over Pakistan. TSHEF is managed by a well-knit team of professionals with vast experience in their respective fields of expertise. The foundation was registered as a non-profit entity.

To ensure quality education, domestic and international educationists were lured into the system. The infrastructure, be it in form of classes, playing areas, sports complex, libraries and laboratories are developed with state-of-the-art technology while keeping them at par with any of the best institutions in the region.

Currently, Barrett Hodgson College, Chaudhry Wali Muhammad Campus in Toba Tek Singh and Barrett Hodgson University, Salim Habib Campus in Karachi are the mainstay of The Salim Habib Education Foundation. Other than these two campuses that are aimed to bestow the light of education to thousands of families; groundwork for two more projects is already underway. In this regard, a total of 50 acres of land has been acquired in the Toba Tek Singh. Construction of Barrett Hodgson Science College on 14 acres land is currently ongoing.

Following projects of the TSHEF are under planning:

    1- Mother & Child Care Centre
    2- Nursing School
    3- Hospital in Korangi Creek, Karachi

Furthermore, the TSHEF has acquired an area of 10 acres of land in the Education City in Karachi for future expansion of Barrett Hodgson University, The Salim Habib Campus in Karachi.

Barrett Hodgson Pakistan was awarded the “Corporate Philanthropy Award” for the second consecutive year by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP); ranking us 1st amongst the Private Limited Companies, for making the highest contribution of donations.

For further details regarding Barrett Hodgson University, The Salim Habib Campus, Karachi visit the website.

New Salim Habib Education Complex built on 14 acres land in Toba Tek Singh:

Under completion – Opening in Fall 2020