Annual Sales Conference 2017-18

Barrett Hodgson Pakistan organized their Annual Sales Conference 2017-2018 at one of the beautiful and historical cities of Pakistan, Lahore. The huge BHP family gathered to celebrate the achievement of yet another milestone – Rs.10 Billion mark.

This year Barrett Hodgson Pakistan has achieved market value of Rs.10 Billion which reflects the rise of one of the powerful mega company among the other giants in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

However, this is not the end. In fact it’s just a beginning. Barrett Hodgson Pakistan’s family due to its continual and untiring efforts, dedication and devotion towards growing more and more would go Beyond Billions. This is exactly the reason why this phrase was also the theme of this year’s Annual Sales Conference; “Beyond Billions”. This is not just a slogan but the promise and commitment of each and every BHP member with themselves and with the company.

The most awaited event of the year commenced with the golden words of honorable Group Chairman, The Leader Dynamic, Dr M S Habib who congratulated the BHP members on the landmark achievement of Rs.10 billion. Furthermore, at this historical moment he shared his success story and his journey of more than two decades of Barrett Hodgson Pakistan. He shared how he managed and nurtured this small plant since the inauguration back in 1996 and continued with this practice over the upcoming years. With the support of his excellent team today Barrett Hodgson Pakistan has grown into a giant tree which is nurturing and looking after thousands of people in Pakistan.

The Salim Habib Education Foundation whose utmost objective is to provide quality education and health facilities to each and every corner of Pakistan also grew with time. Therefore, he added further, that we as a part of BHP should continue to work even harder with passion and honesty to continue with his mission so that the company and The Salim Habib Education Foundation continues to flourish even more in future.

This mega event would be incomplete without the guiding and passionate speech of our Group Deputy Chairman, Dr Iram Afaq. She started her speech by praising each and every member of the Barrett Hodgson Pakistan on giving excellent growth over last year and on achieving the milestone of 10 Billion. She also presented the true picture of the overall performance of all the divisions and brands of the Barrett Hodgson Pakistan. She appreciated all those who performed well, highlighted the shortcomings, and provided suggestions for improvement and guidance regarding how as a company we can counter these in future.

Finally the most attractive and sought after part of the evening, “The Award Distribution Ceremony” began. The untiring efforts of the hardworking Field-Force of the Barrett Hodgson Pakistan were acknowledged by rewarding them with the cash prizes and foreign tour awards. This year the overall number of prizes was also increased as compared to the previous years which instilled even more motivation among the BHP family members.

The ceremony ended with a cake-cutting activity by our respected Chairman Dr M S Habib along with Group Deputy Chairman Dr. Iram Afaq followed by a sumptuous Gala dinner that was enjoyed by the entire BHP team. Later on, in connection with the 10 Billion Celebrations, a musical night was also arranged for the BHP members in which famous artists of Pakistan enthralled the audience with their melodious voices and performances.

Annual Sales Conferences 2017-18 ended on a high, leaving BHP members feeling highly motivated.